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California Walnut Color Chart Grower Direct Nut

When you choose Grower Direct Nut brand walnuts, you can be assured they are grown, processed, packed and shipped with care. Walnuts should be stored in low moisture (55 to 65 percent relative humidity), and low temperature (32–38ºF or 0–3.3 degreesºC) conditions to ensure maximum shelf life and freshness and kept in an odor free environment.

We offer over 60 different shelled products that meet and exceed standard industry specifications. We also supply customized products to meet our customer’s unique specifications.

Walnuts are generally packed for shipment in corrugated boxes with poly-lined bags. Depending on the product’s size, the weight will range from 22lbs, (10 kg) to 30lbs (13.60 kg). Smaller sized packaging may also be available upon request. We also offer add-on services such as nitrogen flush vacuum pack, pasteurization, among others.

Walnut Kernels

Explore our full range of shelled walnuts in assorted sizes by selecting a color grade below.









Actual product color varies per crop, for more information please contact us.

In-shell Walnuts

There are many varieties of walnuts grown in California with four accounting for approximately 75 percent of total production: Chandler, Tulare, Howard and Hartley. Each of these varieties offers their own distinct characteristics and better utilized as either shelling stock or shipped directly as in-shell.

Each year in early September we begin the harvest of a fresh new crop of California Walnuts. Hulled and dried walnuts are delivered to our facility where representative samples are taken from every lot. The internal and external quality, color and variety are determined based on USDA grade standards and inspected by the Dried Fruit Association of California (DFA). Size classifications include but are not limited to Mammoth (+34 mm), Jumbo (+32 mm), Large (+30 mm), Medium (+28), or Baby.

If you don't find what you need please contact us for more information

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