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Custom Packing

We offer a variety of tree nuts in addition to walnuts including almonds, macadamia, pecans, and pistachios. Our capabilities include dry roasting, seasoning, nut butters, and jarring.Our state-of-the art facility is capable of handling complex formulations. We manufacture to industry specifications for ingredient applications or as retail finished goods.

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All of our products are:

  • All- Natural, Plant-Based

  • Gluten-Free

  • Non-GMO

  • Halal ISA Certified

  • Vegan

  • BRC Certified

  • OU Kosher Certified

  • RSPO Certified Palm Oil

  • Dairy-Free and Peanut-free facility

  • Organic options available

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We produce seasoned, dry roasted tree nuts and nut butters including: walnut, almond, pistachio and pecan for these applications: 

  • plant-based beverages

    • walnut milk

    • almond milk

    • pistachio milk

    • pecan milk

    • macadamia milk

  • baking

  • nutritional bars & supplements 

  • confection

  • yogurt

  • foodservice



Our nuts are mechanically harvested, sorted, and pasteurized using a natural method. We carefully season and dry roast the nuts to specification. We have an advanced nut butter milling line. Our production is in accordance with the USDA’s GMP’s and we are BRC certified.  

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All products are stored in temperature-controlled environment until shipped. Product should be kept in a cool, odor free environment within a temperature range of 35 to 60 degrees F.  

At the Grocery Shop


Products will remain food safe for 12 months. Butter products may show signs of natural separation at 4 months.  

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