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We proudly stand behind our service and our products assuring consistency, reliability, and outstanding quality reinforced with the best food safety practices in the industry.

Our Process

Our techniques and machines allow us to have one of the most time and quality efficient processes for pasteurization.


We use Napasol technology to attain this efficiency using their state-of-the-art machinery. This process is a two to six batch system that is able to efficiently kill bacteria at a precisely controlled temperature while held under a sterile and vacuum environment. This environment allows for the even penetration of steam throughout the product in order to guarantee an extensive kill.

Our Strengths

Dry saturated steam has proven to be the optimal choice for the killing of bacteria reaching the efficiency of a 5-Log kill step. Some advantages of our process here at Grower Direct Nut is our short lead time and fast turnaround time. We have the space and availability to ship out product within 3 days. The product can be packed in our facilities using super sacs, wood bins or fiber totes and can be shipped directly to the customer if desired.


Our process is critically analyzed and held to the highest of food safety standards. By following cGMP's and HACCP we are able to succeed in our services and satisfy customer standards.

Grade A



Macadamia Nuts


  • Effectively kills:

    • Salmonella

    • E. coli

    • Enterobacteria

    • Spoilage microbes (yeast, mold)

    • Insects at all stages of life

  • Efficiency of 5-Log Kill Step

  • Increases shelf life of walnuts

  • Enhances flavor & crunch



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Teddy Schrier  |  Tel: 209-882-6788

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