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Image by Samuel Scrimshaw


We appreciate and value our California water and that's why we opt for drip and micro irrigation systems for our orchards in order to get the most out of every drop.



Our high efficiency photo-voltaic rays supply us with enough energy to cover 80% of our electrical needs. We have also replaced many of our gas ATV's and diesel tractors with electric or cleaner Tier IV burning vehicles.

Aerial View of Orchard


We protect and restore our soils using regenerative farming techniques such as incorporating pruning and clippings back into the soil, planting cover crops as a natural source of nitrogen, and using steam methods to get rid of weeds instead of burning methods.

Image by Martin Adams


Our shelling operations utilize the most advanced technologies for the protection of our employees and the air quality in our community. We also use walnut shells around farm land in order to prevent dust in the air.

Looking into the Future

Image by Shelby Cohron

Bee Friendly

Walnut trees are self-pollinating which means no bees are needed in order to produce nuts on the tree. Instead, wind transfers the pollen from the male flowers to the female flowers for reproduction. 


Reducing Carbon Emissions

We do our very best to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint everyday. From using sustainable packaging materials to switching to more electrically powered vehicles we strive to make small changes that over time will create a big difference. 

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