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Who We Are

At Grower Direct Nut Company, we process in-shell, shelled, and diced conventional and organic walnuts which supply industrial food processors, re-baggers, retailers, and produce markets worldwide.


Thanks to our family-run structure, we have first-hand knowledge of our products from field to market. We use the finest machinery available and enforce good farming and manufacturing practices through all stages of processing. We proudly stand behind our services and our products assuring consistency, reliability, and outstanding quality.


Whether you are visiting us today as a buyer, a grower, or just an interested party we welcome you to search our site to learn more about Grower Direct Nut Company and the incredible California Walnut.

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The Martella Family

Grower Direct Nut Company is owned and operated by the Martella Family. Our family's roots as farmers in Stanislaus County go back four generations. Originally dedicated to growing and harvesting our own walnuts, today our family serves many local growers with a commercial harvesting business and one of the largest walnut hullers and dehydrators in California. In 2004, our walnut shelling and processing facility, Grower Direct Nut Company, was established.

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